Barbie Staples . . . “Fool’s Village”

January 8, 2010

Cindy with Fool

Our friend, protector and companion –Our Foolish Girl –is now in Dog Heaven. She died peacefully on February 24, 2008. Fool came to us at the age of 4 in 1997 and was our joy for 11 wonderful years. We wanted our family, friends and neighbors to know of our loss.

We have so many friends to thank for all their support. Fool’s primary vet, Valerie Alexander of Catawba Animal Clinic (CAC), has been the doctor who has always discovered Fools’ health issues. We were so lucky to find CAC 8 years ago –the whole staff is wonderful. Valerie sent us to Bob Bergman at Carolina Veterinary Specialists (CVS) and Bob operated on Fool’s back. His skills and loving care gave us the strength to get her back on her feet and she was on her feet to the end. Bob’s technicians, Isaac and Meredith, were the care takers that kept Fool and Barbie calm throughout Fool’s recuperation.

The staff at CVS always treated our family with the best of care. Bob sent us to Dr. Lisa Shaw at Carolina Canine Rehab (CCR) to rehabilitate Fool through the use of water treadmill therapy. Dr. Mary Alexander of The Healing Touch administered acupuncture on Fool at CCR. Our visits to CCR were so much fun and therapy for all of us. We have been so blessed to have Mary Alexander and Dave, Lisa, Nick and Reese Shaw-Grindstaff as part of our family and friends. We feel sure that Fool did as well as she did because of her therapy. Micki Thompson was Fool’s favorite therapist and she was so patient and loving to our Girl! We met many friends at CCR, but Fool’s favorite was a beautiful Great Dane, Sadie, and we are so fortunate to have Harry and Marilyn Swimmer as friends. Barbie and the CCR staff even took Yoga classes at CCR with our friend Kate Lee and her beautiful dog, Libby.

We often talk about how in the world Barbie could have taken care of Fool and kept working while Stuart was traveling as a Management Consultant. Well, that problem was handled through the love and care of the City of Tega Cay –from City Manager Grant Duffield who insisted Barbie bring Fool to work, to her co-workers who helped care for Fool. Also there were many Tega Cay residents who enjoyed visiting Fool at the office. We would not have achieved all of this without the unselfish and loving care of Cindy Thomas of Cindy’s Pet Sitting. The Thomas Family is another extension of our family. Cindy was there to help Barbie from the beginning to help carry Fool outside at any time of day when she was recovering from her surgeries and Cindy has been Fool’s best friend and caretaker for more than 3 years. Residents would often see Cindy and Fool go for rides in her pet-sitting car. Cindy cared for Fool as though she was her only pet –which is how she treats all her clients! But we know that Cindy loved Fool the BEST!

To our family and friends –we want to thank you for your love and patience during the past several years. We haven’t been able to leave the area and visit as much as we would have liked to, but we do appreciate your understanding!

Much Love, Many Thanks and Lots of Hugs!
Barbie & Stuart


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